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From the Blog

  • Lake McDonald by Bob Hosea

    Nov/Dec issue preview: Holiday Happenings

    Bob Hosea’s lovely cover photograph of Lake McDonald brought back so many memories of Glacier National Park’s iconic scene. I’ve never perched a Christmas tree along the shore, but I’ve shared many a lakeside rock-skipping competition, boat launch, happy hour libation and photo op there with family and friends.   In fact, my last trip to the park was perhaps the most memorable – not only because a shroud of […]

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    Treasure State hidden gem: Judith Gap jail

    By VINCE DEVLIN Funny thing about the Judith Gap jail – it’s unlocked. You can come and go as you please, any time. Funnier still – for such a small building (less than 300 square feet), you can spend a surprising amount of time exploring its interior. The jail, which hasn’t been used for decades, is one of the oldest standing buildings left in Judith Gap, a small town of […]

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Love Letters to Montana

  • 1959904_4497017758939_7095650888033459302_n

    Goodnight, Montana

    Submitted by Amy Engbretson May and it’s a full moon night. We pull 9in with the trailer loaded, all the way from Ohio. We’ve been married for a week. Under the great blue sky, the love of my life has spent four months building a house. The first dirt has moved while we were both there, dreaming as new lovers do about our life together. Before that, before we disturbed […]

Montana Books

  • Restoring the Shining Waters

    Restoring the Shining Waters

    David Brooks University of Oklahoma Press Norman, Oklahoma 2015 By DOUGLAS MITCHELL I’ll never forget the encounter.  It was the late spring of 2008, and I was working away in my office when I got an always welcome visit from my friend Mike McGrath.  He was on the walking mall and wanted to show me something very exciting. Now the chief justice of Montana’s Supreme Court, McGrath was then finishing […]