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  • Charles Lindbergh: Young Vikings of the Air


    Few today can imagine the mania that accompanied Charles Lindbergh on his visit to Montana in 1927.

    Just two months after his epic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, the Lone Eagle and the Spirit of St. Louis embarked on a 22,000-mile, 48-state tour of the United States to promote commercial aviation.  The tour brought him and his entourage to Montana in early September of that year.

    Here, as in other states, he was met by enthusiastic crowds eager to see the “Young Viking of the Air” and, perhaps, hear him speak about his recent transatlantic adventure.  In that, they were sorely disappointed.

    Butte was Lindbergh’s first Montana stop, on September 5.  Wearing the leather jacket he wore on his transatlantic flight a few months earlier, Lindbergh climbed down from the Spirit of St. Louis to the cheers of 15,000 fans.

    To read the rest of Axline’s story on Lindbergh’s grand visit, find this issue on newsstands now. To read more Montana all year, subscribe now.

  • Montana Magazine hires new editor

    Jenna CederbergMontana Magazine publisher Jim McGowan recently announced that Montana Magazine has hired a new editor.

    Jenna Cederberg began as editor of Montana Magazine in November.

    A Montana native, Cederberg grew up in the South Hills of Missoula. She was previously the Missoulian’s business reporter.

    Cederberg received a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Washington State University in 2007 and was editor of the Lake County Leader in Polson before joining the Missoulian in 2010.

    “I grew up reading Montana Magazine,” she said. “It is an extreme honor to be involved in the proud tradition of telling the state’s stories and sharing the amazing photos taken all across the Last Best Place with our subscribers around the globe. I can’t wait to get started.”

    Cederberg’s selection is a part of a relocation process for Montana Magazine, which is now headquartered in Missoula.

    “We are excited to have the opportunity to continue the great tradition of Montana Magazine from Missoula,” said McGowan, publisher of the Missoulian and Montana Magazine. “I am thrilled to provide Montana Magazine’s readers with Jenna, as she brings the ideal mix of content development experience, community engagement and passion for telling the stories that are Montana.”

    Read the rest of the story here.

  • November-December issue out now!

    Alice Greenough Orr takes on a bucking bronco. Photo courtesy of Cascade County Historical Society

    We’re excited to share the final issue of 2013 with everyone. It was mailed from the printers Oct. 27 and the should soon (if it’s not already) arrive in subscribers’ mailboxes.

    We chose photographer Jason Savage’s epic shot of a snowy buffalo for the cover. The big guy is standing strong in a storm just outside Yellowstone National Park.

    Jason has a ton of other photos inside the issue as well. You really get to a chance to see how talented he is.

    Along with the cover, our Portfolio features a spread of photos from Jason (the snowy buffalo makes an appearance there too. If you’ve been missing Montana lately, his photos will cure your blues.

    Also inside the issue, we’ve got the story of Marvin Camel, a boxing champ who grew up in the Mission Valley and goes on to become the first Native American world boxing champion.

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