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    FB screen shotThe internet is a big place. We know. But luckily you can find MT Magazine in a lot of places across the world wide web.

    First, there’s our website. It’s got an entirely new look and we’re VERY excited to share it with you. Take a look around. Meet our team. Soak up some Montana with our reader gallery.

    Not only will we be able to share more of the stuff you (our awesome readers) share with us, we’ll get to tell a lot more stories, too.

    We’re also having a lot of fun ramping up the activity on our Facebook page. It’s a great place to get to know our readers from around the globe.

    We’ve got some fun photo galleries up there, and thanks to our fans, we’re always finding something awesome about Montana that we can share.

    We’re also on Twitter (@montanamagazine), on Instagram (MontanaMagazine), Tumblr, on Pinterest and LinkedIn. We’ll be posting a variety of different things on all the different sites.

    Of course, it’ll all be about Montana.

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