• Saving the Star: Whitehall community strives to keep local theater open


    Located across the street from where the railroad depot once stood, for generations the Whitehall Star Theatre has anchored a small commercial area in what began as a railroad town.

    Built in 1904, the building that has long been home to the Star Theatre is located in one of the oldest structures in Whitehall, a town nestled in the Jefferson Valley 30 miles east of Butte.

    The first movie graced the theater’s screen a century ago – in 1914 – and since then Whitehall residents continue to reminisce about their first movie, first date or first kiss sneaked during a romantic movie.

    Today, Whitehall residents are in a race against time to keep the Star Theatre open and operational. “Save the Star” has been set up to raise enough money to buy new equipment that can show digital film.

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