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    Montana reads galore: Our new ‘Montana Books’ page

    We love telling our readers about good Montana books to read. And we’re lucky enough to have a pretty great book reviewer in Doug Mitchell, who always has a great list of good reads to share.

    "Empty Mansions" by Bill Dedman.

    “Empty Mansions” by Bill Dedman.

    He’s told us about the now infamous copper king heiress.

    And got us the inside scoop on why writers like “Fourth of July” author Smith Henderson choose to set their books in Montana.

    Most recently, Mitchell reviewed books by Montana favorites Ivan Doig and newcomer Liz Carlisle. 

    Read all of Doug’s reviews and author Q&As here.

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  • MT Mag book reviews: Premium page turners

    Bad Luck Way Montana Magazine

    “Badluck Way” by Bryce Andrews.

    There’s probably not a lot of people who read more than Montana Magazine’s ace book reviewer Doug Mitchell, who writes the Montana book features for each issue.

    But if you’re looking for some good readin’ here’s Doug’s reviews for our May/June issue.

    Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom so you can read a really great Q&A with Badluck Way author Bryce Andrews. Doug asks Andrews about his motivations to write the books, and about Andrew’s conflicting feelings about the role of ranching and the role of wolves across Montana’s farmlands.

    As Doug writes:

    In Badluck Way author and ranch hand Bryce Andrews moves the debate from policy to practice as he shares with us his year working on the Sun Ranch in the magnificent Madison Valley. In doing so, Andrews challenges us to see these debates differently because, as is often the case, the reality of a real-life decision is very different than an intellectual one.

    But to describe Andrews’ book as a useful and interesting academics-meets-real-life story is to significantly diminish the accomplishments of this first book from a very gifted writer.

    You can read more of Doug’s reviews here.


    – Jenna