• Adventures on Ice: Winter climbing in Glacier National Park


    The piercing sound of my alarm rudely cuts through the peaceful night. I role over and look at the clock, it’s 4 a.m.

    My first thought: “This sucks, but today is going to be good.”

    I drag my butt out of bed and get on with it.

    Ben Brunsvold and I are heading to Glacier National Park to climb ice. Early season conditions will be good and we want to take advantage of the prime ice while the road to Avalanche Lake is still open.

    I’ve climbed in many different corners of the world and still feel Glacier National Park is as spectacular and beautiful as anywhere I’ve laid eyes on. When the conditions are good and friends are available, every bit of suffering is worth just one moment to look out over the beauty of the surroundings with your best friends.

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