• Walter greets visitors with a zebra stuffed animal at his home in Billings. Photo by Casey Page

    Walter the St. Bernard: Top (Montana) dog

    Walter the St. Bernard left Billings for the Big Apple and got some time to shine this week at the Westminster dog show.

    The 178-pound Walter is from Billings – but judging from the Instagram photos gathered by the Billings Gazette, he did just fine as a city dog.

    During the show, he earned an award of merit.

    Walter the St. Bernard on Instagram. Courtesy photo

    Walter the St. Bernard on Instagram. Courtesy photo

    When he wasn’t in the arena, the 7-year-old male, owned by Mary Jo Burkholder, stopped by the office of the comedy website Funny Or Die for a little work.

    “Giving him an Award of Merit, it’s the judges’ way of saying, you’re not the best of breed today, but you’re a worthy competitor here,” Burkholder said.

    “He definitely knows what shows are about. He does this classic thing. When the judge walks by, just as he walks by, Walter turns his head and gives him a wink and a smile.”

    A few shows ago, Walter won best in show at a specialty event featuring more than 90 St. Bernards. The win boosted the dog’s arena credit to another level.

    See more photos of Walter here.

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      Where's Shasta? By Debbie Perryman

    • 1794520_10152006150258043_281599857_n

      Louis after a frosty run on the river trail, from Kate Nittinger.

    • 1782161_10152256899127835_882050966_n

      Lily and Dodger loving the snow, from Tricia Hanson.

    • 1621837_10201633842474587_2074596220_n

      Ta-Da! Snow face, from Meagan Thompson.

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      Kadie, originally from Georgia, has adapted well to Montana snow, from Beach Kowgirl.

    • 1604927_10202851818993888_956895093_n

      "Hi guys!" from Laura Mayer.

    • 1551474_10202624666010855_208602031_n

      Baby Eero, from Carol Kosovich Anderson

    • 1496902_745776878767820_1576241009_n

      Putting on the brakes by Kat G. Grubbs.

    • 1011685_10201528342990586_2113326209_n

      Bean at Bear Creek, from Ken Barnedt.

    • 1010954_10201597831376707_155470512_n

      Zeke breaking a trail at Stemple Pass, from Denis Roth Barber.

    Snowy dogs from across Montana

    After the recent dump of snow we had in western Montana and the white winter they’ve had in eastern Montana, we couldn’t resist putting out a call to our Facebook friends asking for photos of their snowy dogs.

    As you can see, they really delivered. Special thanks to Denise Roth Barber, Carol Kosovich Anderson, Beach Kowgirl, Meagan Thompson, Laura Mayer, Kat Grubbs, Tricia Hanson, Ken Barnedt, Debbie Perryman and Kate Nittinger (and their pups!) for sharing photos.

    We hope you enjoy watching our slideshow as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

    – Jenna