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    Dreaming of returning to ‘sunny skies’ and ‘white-capped mountains’

    Submitted by Barbara Merriman

    I had no choice but to leave Montana to attend medical school in Summer of 2009.

    It was so stressful to be away from such a beautiful place, for four years of grueling studies taking 28 credits per semester… but I have stayed in touch with my friends in Montana and subscribed to Montana Magazine as a reward.

    Now I am two years into my residency training in Pennsylvania, and dreaming of the day in two more years when I can return to the state I love once again.

    For now, I dream of Montana’s sunny skies, white-capped mountains, clear, dry air, healthy residents, outdoor recreation, and perfect climate, until I can return for the last time and finally be home.

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    A whole lotta love, Montana style

    What better day to show off our Love Letters to Montana than Valentine’s Day?

    Recently, we got one of the sweetest Montana love stories yet, when reader Willena Burton sent in her story about Queenie the missing terrier.



    Burton was a kids when she her beloved dog Queenie got lost while hunting rabbits one winter. 

    It’s a touching story – one of many we’ve gotten telling us why it’s so easy to love Montana.

    Other love letters we think you should read:

    Here’s hoping you enjoyed our Montana-style dose of love this Valentine’s Day.

    Do you have Montana Love Letters you’d like to share? Email editor@montanamagazine.com. Need even more reasons to love Montana? Subscribe today!



  • ‘Montana is Calling’ a beautiful poem about missing Montana

    A 1954 photo of Imogene and her husband Bruce Hansen, holding daughter, Susan Marie. Photo courtesy of Janet Fulkerson

    A 1954 photo of Imogene and her husband Bruce Hansen, holding daughter, Susan Marie. Photo courtesy of Janet Fulkerson

    Of all the emails, letters and phone calls we get about Montana Magazine each day, some always stand out. They’re the notes about the allure of Montana and the want of so many to come here, live here one day, or for the natives who’ve moved away, to come back one day.

    These notes are always great to read, and many are beautiful and poetic too.

    So we thought we’d start sharing some these notes, poems and stories in a section on MontanaMagazine.com called “Love Letters to Montana” (it’s under the More of Montana tab on the home page.)

    We’ve put several love letters up and will add more soon.

    One of my favorites came from Janet Fulkerson, who found writings by her mother Imogene Z. Hansen after Imogene passed away in 2013.

    Imogene lived and raised a family in Helena before poor health forced her to move to Indiana to live with Janet. The photo with this post is of  Imogene and her husband Bruce Hansen, and Janet’s sister, Susan Marie.

    Her poem, “Montana is Calling,” was written in 2012. The full poem is here and a snipped is listed below. It’s worth a read.

    Montana Is Calling

    By Imogene Hansen

    September 17, 2012

    My heart’s in Montana; my heart is not here.

    It’s in Big Sky Country so high, wide, and clear.

    From the mountains and prairies that I loved to roam

    Montana is calling, and I want to go home.

    I miss Montana which is far, far from here

    where the earth is too flat and the sky seldom clear.

    – Jenna