• Bozeman native, pro cyclist shares favorite MT road ride

    The first rides Tejay van Garderen took on the road to becoming one of the top cyclists in the world were in and around Bozeman. It was on those roads that his parents noticed he a had particular grit that would eventually propel him into a top position in American cycling.

    Tejay is featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Montana Magazine in a story by Jesse Zentz. After many success, this year Tejay is focused on winning a few key races, and as Zentz explains, is considered a top American contender to win the Tour de France in the coming years.

    But if Tejay could ride anywhere in Montana, where would it be?

    He told us it’s the 75 mile Battle Bridge Road ride that takes riders from Bozeman’s Main Street almost to Wilsall.

    Here’s the official route for the Battle Ridge Road ride

    Distance: 75 miles

    Elevation gain: 3,373 feet based on MapMyRide.com

    Start: Bozeman (intersection of Main Street and Rouse Avenue)

    Turnaround: Near Wilsall (intersection of Bridger Canyon Road and Highway 89)

    Route: Follow Rouse Avenue north for about 1 mile, when it turns into Bridger Canyon Road. Continue on Bridger Canyon road for about 36 more miles until it ends at the intersection of Highway 89. Turn around and do it all over in the opposite direction.

     Van Garderen: “I really liked the Battle Ridge climb outside of Bozeman near Bridger Bowl. That was probably the hardest climb. To me, thinking about it now, it was like Alp d’Huez or something. But I’m sure if I went back, it might be a bit easier that I remember. That was a long tide and it was pretty country and a really hard climb. I don’t know how long it was in terms of miles, but it would usually take me about four hours to go over it, to go down and back up the other side and back home. Like I said, it was a long time ago (likely 2003) and it might be a two-and-a-half-hour ride these days.”

    Here’s a link a map of the ride: www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/328715611

    Thanks Tejay for sharing this ride!


  • Take a look: Our winter issue is out and ready to read

    Photo by Jaime and Lisa Johnson

    If you haven’t already received the Jan/Feb issue in your mailbox, we just added all the preview content to our new site. You’ll notice right on the homepage our new cover photo star, a snowy bobcat that photographers Lisa and Jaime Johnson found outside Bonner.

    The Johnsons shot the Portfolio for this winter issue – an incredible set of photos that highlight some of Montana’s favorite wildlife characters.

    Throughout this issue we highlight the southwestern part of the state, with stories about Huguette Clark, the Star Theatre in Whitehall, and one I think you’ll really love: A look at the Rookwood Speakeasy in Butte. 

    The Rookwood was a happening place during the Prohibition Era. That was until the Feds came to town and the Rookwood was locked and abandoned until a curious Butte resident discovered it years later. I’ll post more about the Rookwood here in the coming weeks.

    We’ve got lots of other online extras, too. Including more about Tejay van Garderen, a Bozeman kid who is now a contender to win the Tour de France. Watch some videos about Tejay and learn more about his life as a pro cyclist.


    – Jenna