• Warrior in the Ring: Looking back with Marvin Camel

    By Brian D’Ambrosio

    Marvin Camel’s story was centuries in the making.As a young man, Marvin Camel had many dreams, and by those dreams the course of his future was guided. His course would not be complete if set apart from the historical context of the American Indian.The truth is, he was born to boxing the way Satchmo Armstrong was born to music.It’s acceptable to call Marvin a “flathead.” Or, more accurately, a “Flathead,” for that’s the reservation from which he hails. His Indian name is “Strong Leader,”   or that’s a close translation, according to Marvin.

    To find out how Marvin Camel became one of Montana’s most colorful boxing legends, find this issue on newsstands. To read more Montana all year, subscribe now.

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